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Virtual Office

Virtual Office is indeed not a whole new idea. However, this practical concept is still embraced by many enterprises who are recognized with her vision in her scope of international business expansion. 

Regardless of the scale of one business, from start-ups, SMEs to a big firm, the cost of traditional office (for sure including the real-life space rental) must become the very first “devastating” number. Especially for a start-up or a group of youngsters who have just built up their digital marketing team, the traditional office cost is nothing other than a thousand dollar chip thrown at the table of Blackjack. 

Speaking of the advantages of hiring Virtual Office Services, have you thought of any of the following: 

A business address

Mail Handling (receive, pick up and/or forwarding)

Conference Rooms

Desk space and Private offices

Printing and related services.

Receptionist & Hotline Services 

Storage space

Also, let’s check out some of the commonly agreed advantages as well: 

Online phone system (VoIP)

Website Domain(s)

Video conferencing

Online digital storage

Cloud-based applications 

Familiar with most of those items listed above? Then let’s put it this way, simply saying, “Tired of bearing such huge cost? Congratulations! You don’t have to handle these by yourselves anymore!” 

【We Are Ready】Commons is hereby announcing that we have attained our Trust or Company Service Provider License.