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The Breathtaking View

Commons Co-working Spaces

The Breathtaking View

Facing the breathtaking view of the Victoria Harbor, no wonder how a day could easily get vitalized. Newly established in September 2018, the Commons realizes that it was significant to invigorate our place. From Ceiling tiles to lighting, temperature, air purification, and refreshment, Commons manages to ensure each of our mates an opportunity to customize individual’s mode of work. 

Speaking of co-working office, hotdesking is undoubtedly the most remarkable impression to the public. Based on this social norm, We endeavored to offer three types of hot desks considering anyone’s possible concerns including but not limited to privacy,  communication, and desire of expansion of social network. 

As seen in our photo album, a whole set of individual seats are subject to special designs. Yes, we call the collective station “THE MAZE”. Single-booth-style is perectly utilized in order to secure one’s occaional needs of seclusion and comfort. 

Moreover, we indeed also reserve a great number of seats in the open area, mates may feel free to either work right by the windows, which are flourished with 160 degree seaview, or at the central section which designates to be the most accessible to conversation, opportunity, and expectation of knowledge exchanges. 

By the way, the texture of and equipment attached to the desks are extraordinarily promising as well, find us on Facebook and get to explore more!