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“Play it Serious, Our Serious Lego Play”

Commons Co-working Spaces

“Play it Serious, Our Serious Lego Play”

Lego Serious Play, created by The Lego Group, serves as a unique approach which helps participants to boost creativity regarding different fields including but not limited to domestic affair, relationship, personal development, and career. Nowadays, Lego Serious Play is highly-welcomed and adopted in training’s, workshops, and team building events by firms or governmental bodies around the globe. However, interestingly, this has NOT yet been a common trend in Hong Kong. Oh wow….I know, right?

Consequently, Commons workshop as a warm place, which provides co-working spaces and aims to enhance interpersonal communication, is now promoting this entertaining “game” for our dear fellows. During the serious play, we may enjoy the fabulous 170 degree seaview of the Victoria Harbor on the 28th floor-high co-working office while building our lego bricks. Also, refreshments and coffee machines are ready for you!

Ever thought of the contradiction between “SERIOUS” and “PLAY”? In most time, we tend to forget rules and regulations in gaming because humans are born to be addicted to free driving. Similarly, Lego Serious Play is likely to allow us to THINK BIG & IMAGINE MORE, within a specific topic. On the 8th December, Commons is hosting the very first round of Serious Play with the topic “Striving for Success with Hard Work, but Bumping Into layers of Mist?”

Last but not least…Do You Know? 

Some street rumors said that the Lego Group was once positioned at a step from the cliff, almost fell from the high ground to the low floor of bankruptcy, at the end of 1990s. Yes, when the company was looking for a white knight, Lego® Serious Play® dismounted and saved her.