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Green Environment

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Green Environment

Recently, the television prime time has welcomed a series of advertisements which promote protection of eyes. The folk propaganda raises an idea of “20-20-20 Rule” which has actually been circulating for a while in North America and EU nations. Commons as a co-working office indeed embraces this fascinating campaign with no doubt:

“Every 20 minutes, look at something 20 feet away for 20 seconds.” At this moment, Commons would like to take actions as well. In earlier year, researchers from the University of Queensland conducted a study on whether & how greenery at indoor office environment might affect the employees; by and by, they found out plants were able to boost productivity and help retain staff. 

World famous office facilitator Ambius mentions the following in their comments on office plants,”interior plants offer businesses a simultaneously natural and beautiful addition to their interior while benefiting the overall well-being of employees.” Other than enhancing employee morale, plants also enrich individuals’ visual meditative experience; upon that, that probably makes sense for you to connect the concern of brand image development. Once visitors come to your co-working space surrounded by greenery, they gradually feel more attentive in the conversation between parties. 

Harvard biologist, E.O. Wilson, in his book “Biophilia” which was published in 1984, proposed that humans had an inborn tendency to get along with nature and other life-forms. “Biophilia”, in terms of lexicon, has since been used described humanity’s innate need for nature, and the need to return to nature is as natural as the “cycle of life.”

Commons chooses to believe in the “20-20-20 Rule” and Wilson’s Biophilia; in coordination with the co-working space’s industrial style, we hope that everyone would enjoy this lovely place. When you subscribe our services, we absolutely welcome you bringing your favorite plants too. See you there!

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