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Co-working Offices

Commons Co-working Spaces

Co-working Offices

When the idea of “co-working offices” have been existing around the globe for quite a few years, the Commons aims to elaborate the word “common” further as well as implement its variations in terms of lexicon. 

Regardless of venue settings such as workplace and school, a “common” is usually associated with the idea of public space which refers to somewhere available for modest exchanges. 

Nevertheless, most people might misunderstandingly consider a common room/hall no more than an amenity which welcomes those with outgoing personality. 

Here in Commons, we do not only provide a space for our subscriber to sit in but also have professionals ready to serve as moderators for conversations. Why we do this? We SERVE as a COMMON.  

Meanwhile, in some disciplines of study, “commons” are perceived as natural resources shared among a community. Here in Commons, we do have fascinating refreshment packs ready to enhance capacity of work; other than those “essential elements” like coffee machine, oven, and water fountain, recently, two wine cabinets are also installed to fulfill your reasonable desire of tasting after every long week. Yes, we PLEDGE COMMONS. 

According to our motto, we also accentuate “GATHER in-common’s” and “ACCOMPLISH Uncommon’s”. What do they mean? We hope to assist you matching up with those with reliable talents in different sectors. Come join us!