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Commons Co-working Spaces

Virtual Office

Virtual Office is indeed not a whole new idea. However, this practical concept is still embraced by many enterprises who are recognized with her vision in her scope of international business expansion.  Regardless of the scale of one business, from start-ups, SMEs to a big firm, the cost of traditional office (for sure including the…
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The idea of “Coworking”

The idea of “Coworking” has been rising in present. Riding with the flow of post-globalization, an increase of number of start-ups and SMEs in Hong Kong is evidently observed as Coworking offices are typically the handiest places to look at.  Those freelancers and neophyte in entrepreneurship embrace their so-called “Golden Era” to become the next new…
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“Play it Serious, Our Serious Lego Play”

Lego Serious Play, created by The Lego Group, serves as a unique approach which helps participants to boost creativity regarding different fields including but not limited to domestic affair, relationship, personal development, and career. Nowadays, Lego Serious Play is highly-welcomed and adopted in training’s, workshops, and team building events by firms or governmental bodies around…
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The Breathtaking View

Facing the breathtaking view of the Victoria Harbor, no wonder how a day could easily get vitalized. Newly established in September 2018, the Commons realizes that it was significant to invigorate our place. From Ceiling tiles to lighting, temperature, air purification, and refreshment, Commons manages to ensure each of our mates an opportunity to customize…
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Co-working Offices

When the idea of “co-working offices” have been existing around the globe for quite a few years, the Commons aims to elaborate the word “common” further as well as implement its variations in terms of lexicon.  Regardless of venue settings such as workplace and school, a “common” is usually associated with the idea of public…
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