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Month: November 2018

Commons Co-working Spaces

The idea of “Coworking”

The idea of “Coworking” has been rising in present. Riding with the flow of post-globalization, an increase of number of start-ups and SMEs in Hong Kong is evidently observed as Coworking offices are typically the handiest places to look at.  Those freelancers and neophyte in entrepreneurship embrace their so-called “Golden Era” to become the next new…
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“Play it Serious, Our Serious Lego Play”

Lego Serious Play, created by The Lego Group, serves as a unique approach which helps participants to boost creativity regarding different fields including but not limited to domestic affair, relationship, personal development, and career. Nowadays, Lego Serious Play is highly-welcomed and adopted in training’s, workshops, and team building events by firms or governmental bodies around…
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